Choose a spore print type below, and that’s what you’ll get! Stock for all of these will be extremely limited, so don’t sleep on them for too long!


Psilocybe Cubensis Spore Prints!

Do you live in a country where your customs agents are fucking twats? Do you worry about The Man getting all uppity over your perfectly legal spore syringes? Do you just wanna make your own spore syringes out of magic mushroom spore prints and get crazy value for money? Well guess what – I’ve got something for you.

I’ve got some absolutely amazing spore prints! Before today, I had them listed separately, one at a time. This is quite a bit of work for me (and is playing merry hell with my SEO) so I’ve figured out how to put them all on this page, and you can choose which one you like (or choose loads, they’re all cool)! The selection will vary based on what I have available, and all stock is likely to be limited. Whatever’s in the options is what I’ve currently got! All prints are guaranteed to be top quality – these prints are what I make my own spore syringes from.

If you order them on their own, I will package them up inside a birthday card for you. After all it is your birthday one day of the year, and maybe I’m late or early or whatever, but I’m sorry I missed it or was early for it and I’ve got you a little present inside. See if you can guess – oh man you’ve ruined it. You’ve ruined the surprise. For God’s sake. It’s a amazing spore print! Happy birthday champ! I’ve gotten these over to countries like China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, etc.

If you order spore syringes as well I’ll just package it all up in the same box as that makes more sense!

All spore prints are ethically sourced from legally compliant countries… much like the syringes these are for microscopy only, and have been produced using the same sterile techniques, because that’s how it works!

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Current Print Varieties

Golden Teacher, Burma, Ecuador, Golden Boy, Amazonian, Z-Strain, Jedi Mind Fuck, Cambodian, APE Revert, B+, Red Boy, McKennaii

Customer Reviews

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I am unlucky.

It's been 40 days since I first used surface mail express, but I still haven't received the goods, which may have been lost. Next time, I will choose express delivery with single number tracking.😭

dan sboro

Well, as much as I believe you work with the best intention and saw how quickly you shipped my order, still, for the moment I didn’t receive my order.
Maybe you have some suggestions?

Beautiful specimens!

They look lovely, even viewed under my amateur microscope!
Thank you for your time and effort
JDW ☮️

Big boy red

Absolutely huge spore print of red boy. Definitely fulfils all my mycology needs. Can’t recommend highly enough, go for it you’ll thank yourself later! Clever little monkeys 🙉🙈🙊🍀🍄

Excellent service

Order arived and I'm very happy. Got better customer from an orangutan than I get from most people near my swamp. Hopefully dhl or some other courier would be an option in the future because royal mail took 2 months to get it here. Definitely will be buying from here again can't wait to slap this bad boy under a microscope.