It’s the best of both worlds – an awesome sticker for you, and a meal for someone who’s in need of one. It ain’t gonna fix the world but it’s a positive action.

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Recently there have been a number of huge, life-changing events that have shaken the world and changed it forever – Donald, COVID, Brexit, Vienetta On A Stick, but none have been more important to the hearts and souls of a nation as the OTC DOG RAMP SAGA – and now it continues in ever more abstract forms!

Created by the legendary Laura Likes Plants, who is lovely (and also will draw you cool things for money if you ask her nicely), here is another rad sticker that you can buy to become radder through the transitive property – and it also helps hungry people (not if they eat it though, don’t do that).

Now, I’ve had to field a few questions about “No one owns a microscope dude” on social media already, so here we are, Officer: it’s actually my commentary on the transient nature of the very concept of ownership. Can we, as humans, with our limited life spans, ever be truly capable of owning anything? Are we not at best mere custodians for the fleeting seconds that we have left? Even the fact we made a microscope just means some bits have been shuffled into a vaguely useful shape before even that will decay into separate pieces and eventually atoms, much like us. I don’t even think there’s any other interpretation you could have of that statement really, it’s a puzzle to me.

Also, it’s imaginary graffiti made by an imaginary being in an imaginary skatepark and I’ll be fucked sideways if you think I’m taking the rap for something I didn’t even do and that isn’t real.

All profits from this lovely vinyl sticker are going to get spent feeding hungry people by donating to decent Foodbanks. At the moment it’s going to Transformation CPR, who feed hungry people in one of the poorest areas in the UK (and in fact the whole of Europe!) but I might change it up in the future depending on how I feel. I was brought up in pretty extreme poverty myself and it fucking sucked. At the end of the month I’ll tally up the totals, and donate the money (plus the Gift Aid bonus), no strings, no bullshit.

Just add this to your cart if you would like to purchase some extra hot XXX sticker action and help feed some hungry people.