Postage is a flat fee, for as many items as you like. I can fit six items into one box, and if you order seven or more, I’ll eat the cost of the second box’s postage. This keeps things nice and simple, and means you can order more things for a decent price. 

Due to customs fuckery, I can’t put Maoams in with International packages, or I have to then declare them as sweets and fill in a load more paperwork – it’s just another thing for customs to moan about so I’m gonna steer clear of it. If you ever come to England let me know and I’ll send you a whole pack of Maoams, how’s about that?

You may have to pay custom and VAT fees depending on what country you live in – I have no idea how much these would be for you as it will vary from country to country – the product is shipped with the customs code for “vegetable byproduct”. This is an EU-wide thing that has now come in, isn’t related to Brexit, and will be shortly applying to absolutely every EU country, so there’s no getting around it!

Everything I post is legal over here (totally legal to possess magic mushroom spores most places in the world), but it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s legal where you’re at (it probably is).

Posting Days

Orders paid for by 5pm UK time will now be posted the very next day , as I am now packaging things up in the evenings rather than the daytime!

Rest assured, I’ll try and get your package out as quickly as I can. The website will send you an email once you’ve ordered, once I’ve seen that you’ve paid, and then again when I’ve handed your parcel over to the nice post person, and any tracking info (if that’s what you’ve ordered) will be in that email.

Once again, because it bears repeating: magic mushroom spores are to be looked at only with a microscope, don’t go being silly with it and trying to grow any magic mushrooms because that’s illegal and I don’t want any part of any shenanigans, and I won’t sell them to you if I think that’s what you’re going to do. Don’t go messaging me about putting them into grow kits or anything like that because then I’ll have to blacklist you – it’s not what I want to do, but it’s the law.

These are premium quality spore syringes, so we make sure that they are packaged securely and discreetly. Your microscopy hobby is your own business and not the postal worker’s! 

What's in the box? Magic mushroom spores!
Outside is plain, inside is rad as heck

I use Royal Mail for all of my posting services – at the moment I’ve got options for the UK, EU, and “the rest of the world”, I will happily post to any country where it is legal for you to receive these goods. If you’re in Australia you’ll probably find that it’s a bit difficult. I would strongly recommend choosing tracked shipping if you’re not in the UK, but this is your choice – only the tracked shipping comes with insurance so please do bear in mind that if anything goes wrong, I can’t help if I can’t see where the package is!

If you’ve got any specific packaging requirements, drop me a message and I’m sure we can work something out – I’ll box them up pretty much however you like. No, I cannot send spore syringes without a customs label, and if I did they would throw it away. You don’t want that, either.

Have a great day!