Lately, there have been a lot of cool developments with mushroom grow kits (and notice I’m not talking about magic mushroom grow kits here as growing magic mushrooms is super naughty, makes Baby Jesus cry, and is also quite a bit illegal), and there are a lot of different options out there. The techniques are getting refined all the time, and it’s exciting! Personally I’m a fan of a big bag of the classic combo of sterile grain and some substrate over a grow kit, as it’s just as easy and you get way better yields for all of your mycological shenanigans.

Baby Jesus doing a cry
“Waaaa someone did a nature crime I am sad”

Recently I’ve had quite a few people asking “dude do you sell grow kits?”, which I can only assume is for their amazing gourmet mushroom genetics that they’ve bought off someone else. Gotta be, right? Yeah, thought so.

The short answer (it’s not really short) is “nah because I’m super busy selling the lovely-to-look-at-under-a-microscope magic mushroom spores”. The slightly longer (don’t wordcount me bro), much better and much cooler answer is “no, but my mate Chris over at Mycopunks does and he’s really fuckin’ good at it“.

So, it’s not that I haven’t thought about it, but I couldn’t really improve on what Mycopunks are already doing. Also he’s got a huge warehouse and basically cooks grain and agar all day for a living and to be quite honest: fuck that, this funky monkey likes mucking about with spores instead.

Grow kit suppliers to the stars

They’ve got loads of cool mycology stuff for sale, ranging from normal sized or massive Flowhoods, awesome little microscope dealios for your phone, literal tonnes of sterile grain, agar, even cool T-Shirts (although mine are also pretty fuckin’ rad too). If it’s to do with mycology, chances are they’ve got it, and they will allow you to have it in exchange for some very reasonable sums of money. They’re nice like that!