So, in the words of probable magic mushroom lover Jerry Seinfeld:

What is the deal with Spore Syringes?

Basically, it’s a great way to store spores from a whole variety of mushrooms, from your gourmets, such as Turkey Tail, Reishi, and the various types of Oyster mushroom, all the way to your funky magic varieties such as Golden Teacher mushrooms!

So the reason for the syringes and needles is just because it’s a great way to ensure sterility in the product. You don’t want your spore syringes to be compromised by using sub-standard kit, so we buy medical grade stuff to go with it! Medical grade equipment means that you know for a fact that you’re starting off in the best and cleanest of ways. 

Spore Syringes, Magic Mushrooms and the UK

Here’s the dealio: in the UK, it’s totally against the law for you to grow, possess, think about or lust after any kind of mushroom that contains Psilocybin, like Psilocybe Cubensis, or Psilocybe Semilanceata (often referred to as magic mushrooms as they make things go a bit fizzy).  This isn’t the case in every country in the world; for example, in Brazil or Jamaica you can grow magic mushrooms (and buy magic mushrooms) to your heart’s content, but not here in the UK. Over here, you can buy all the magic mushroom spore syringes that you want, but if you’re trying to buy magic mushrooms online in the UK (or trying to grow magic mushrooms), you are shit out of luck because you’d go to prison if you got collared, and a pretty thing like you would get passed around like a gravy boat at Christmas.

So! Here’s the legal bollocks – if you even hint to me in messages that you’re going to be breaking the law, then I can’t and won’t sell you anything because I’m not getting involved in any shenanigans, I’ve seen Breaking Bad and it didn’t look like a good time to me!

Whatever my personal moral stance is on this daft, unscientific law doesn’t really come into it, I’m running a completely legal business selling magic mushroom spores and I have to make sure I’m obeying the law very carefully. I don’t have any wiggle room in this. Personally, I fuckin’ love psychedelics, and I think that particular law is a load of fucking shit driven by old-fashioned out-of-touch Politicians trying to keep the elderly vote, but the law’s the law for most of us. Maybe if you were in the Tory party you could grow magic mushrooms because the law doesn’t apply to them, but hopefully you’re a human instead of a Tory. If you are a Tory, feel free to click this link for the special Tory discount!

Harm chart showing magic mushrooms are virtually harmless compared to any other substance
Oh wow looks like the Government has completely overlooked this – how fuckin’ odd

Legally, however, you are absolutely allowed to have magic mushroom spores in the UK and in 99% of the world (because the spores contain no Psilocybin at all, that comes later when the mycelium starts to form). As long as you aren’t going to grow magic mushrooms, you can buy and collect as many varieties of magic mushroom spores as you like. That’s why they can be posted through the Royal Mail and that’s why they can be sent through customs to the EU (or anywhere in the world), because they are 100% absolutely legal. I’ve checked this time and time again, and there are no restrictions on magic mushroom spores!

They’ll keep for ages too, enough time for you to check them out under the microscope multiple times. At least six months at ambient temperatures, and in a fridge (careful not to freeze them at the back), two years is easily possible. People have reported growing gourmet mushroom spores after more than five years in the fridge so basically – they’ll keep for as long as you need!

So what the fuck am I actually supposed to do with my magic mushroom spores?!

Lots of people like to have a look at them under their microscope. There’s quite a good community of these people on Reddit, especially at r/EuSporeHub, who like getting Psilocybe Cubensis spores under the microscope and taking photos of the spores jiggling about.

Failing that, you could drink it I guess, maybe use them for some kind of weird super expensive bath if you win the lottery or something, do some kind of medical-themed mini watergun fight I suppose? Basically, anything you like, at all, as long as you don’t try to grow magic mushrooms in the UK! It’s like piracy, man, it’s a crime that would undermine humanity as we know it.

To reiterate: I sell a legal product intended solely and absolutely for legal use – do not do anything else with it, and absolutely 110% do not message me at all, via any platform, about growing magic mushrooms. I will just have to block you and add your details to the “do not sell” list, and I hate having to do that.

No Dolans Pls
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