Here’s how it goes around here:

If you click the little tickbox under the email address thing, I’ll send you discount codes every so often. It’s something new I’m trying out, so feel free to tick it or not, up to you! It’s all done through MailChimp, so let me know if there’s any issues.

Even though, as I’ve said on another page, all these Psilocybe Cubensis spore syringes are completely legal to buy and sell in the UK (and pretty much everywhere in the world), I like to keep things as discreet as possible. No markings on the box, just plain cardboard, like nature intended. 

All other data is stored according to GDPR regulations, although you probably don’t care and nobody else does either. Perfectly legal product, used legally. Not an issue!

Discreet Packaging
The inside is awesome, and the outside is plain – the best way possible!