I’ve got lots of good reviews over at Reddit (which you can check out here), but I haven’t ever had a space for them on my site before. Crazy, now I come to think about it, because on Reddit I’ve got shitloads of great reviews from very happy customers. So, here we are: a new review section, straight on the site, so people who don’t come from Reddit can still see that what I do is a real good thing.

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Very good

Very fast delivery and good service




Best spores on the market for microscopy /yielding and always fast delivery would recommend

Golden teacher spores

Amazing response and delivery. Even get a couple of sweets. Always a bonus.

Microscopically superior to the rest

I am currently looking at my spores at 500x magnification and I can confirm they are full of strength and resilience as one would expect from quality spores for microscopic studies despite my home lab and magnifying techniques being less than perfect.. Much more exciting too observe than Lions mane!

Chris King
First time with spores!

After doing some research I decided to up my investigation into the world of mycology by purchasing some spores. Orangutan came up as the only place a lot of people would go to. I have to say their service is impeccable and I loved the bonus goodies that came in the box. I'll definitely be buying again when I need to look at more spores under the microscope 😉

Thank you so much!

John Smith

Have had no issues with other spores purchased but these ones were pretty poor. Eventually managed to clean them up but in the end look more like B+. Will not purchase these ones again.

Great sample, great service!

Quick response and delivery, super friendly staff. Cant wait to study these in more depth under the scope

Steve Rippin
Super Service Again!!

I haven’t got around to looking at my new spores yet but the service I receive from OTC is second to none! Thanks again guys!!

You remembered my birthday

I noticed a 5% reduction in the temperature of my forehead after applying these new stickers.

So cool.


Fast delivery, healty spores and great customer service

Excellent service

Trustworthy, fast turn around and a lovely personal touch. One of the good ones.

Ed Garbutt

Perfect every time. Mny thanks. I will be back for more!

Excellent service

Great service, prompt delivery. I would definitely recommend.

Super duper 🙂

Super duper fast delivery. Can’t wait to check these out under my microscope 🔬
Thanks guys 🫶🏻

5 *

Arrived quickly. Even got a little Maoam bar - class. Spores look super under the microscope.

Meghan McClure
Really good !

Customer service was absolutely fantastic and spores arrived quickly and all in nice packaging. Also got some stickers. Definitely be ordering from here again 🙂

Golden Teachers

Spot on customer service from start to finish! Lovely little touches in the delivery too which is rare to see! Can’t wait to get stuck into these soon!

"Microscopic Hoedown: My Wild Ride with Hillbilly Mushroom Spores"

### Review: Hillbilly Mushroom Spores

Ever wonder what it’s like to step into the microscopic world of Hillbilly Mushroom Spores? Buckle up, y’all, because I’ve taken a trip down to the tiniest backwoods you can imagine, and let me tell you, it’s a hoot!

#### Under the Microscope:
I put on my science hat (it’s got a propeller on top) and peered through my trusty microscope. There they were: Hillbilly Mushroom Spores, looking like they just rolled out of a microscopic honky-tonk. These spores were rocking overalls, tiny straw hats, and had the teeniest banjos you ever did see. I swear I heard a fiddle tune coming from the slide.

#### Appearance:
They look like a bunch of miniature moonshine jugs – rounded, a bit fuzzy around the edges, and with a twinkle that says they’re ready for a barn dance. The spores were clustered together like they were at a family reunion, probably talking about who makes the best possum stew.

#### Movement:
Under high magnification, I could see them moving. Or should I say, square dancing? They were promenading and do-si-do-ing like there’s no tomorrow. I think one of them gave me a wink and tipped his hat before twirling his partner.

#### Smell:
Okay, maybe this is all in my head, but I’m pretty sure I caught a whiff of cornbread and fried chicken. It’s like my microscope slide turned into a Southern cookout.

#### Conclusion:
Hillbilly Mushroom Spores are the life of the microscopic party. If you’re looking to add some down-home charm to your spore collection, these little critters are just the ticket. I half expect them to start a bluegrass band and go on tour. If you’ve got a microscope, do yourself a favor and check these out – it’s like a mini vacation to the backwoods without leaving your lab.

Chicho Serna
Fantastico Splendido

These spores, as always with orangutan, provided a great experience when watching them on the microscope. Started with a very nice optical microscope, moved to a confocal and then got to explore deep architecture of the spores in the electron microscope. Wonderful fantasticful.

Unsealed packet, contaminated

Non Sealed packets, contaminated.
Two out of three contaminated. Pretty poor.
Better get elsewhere.


Great service and prompt delivery!

Very efficient ordering system and delivery. Thanks


Been coming here for my spores for years and never been disappointed. 10/10

Golden teachers

Added my spaws to a bag of grain to watch under a microscope and mycelium spread within a week. Great watching . Thanks