A 10cc syringe of Golden Teacher Spores, complete with needle and alcohol wipe to get your microscope nice and clean!

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Golden Teacher Spores!

Comes with 10cc of Golden Teacher spores, an 18g needle to get your spores onto the slides, and an alcohol wipe so you can ensure that your microscope is super clean.

These chaps tend to be good for beginners to look at under the microscope, as they are usually pretty hardy and can cope with a lot of mistakes. Bit of an all-time classic, for good reason. Pretty much everyone’s starting point in their microscopy studies. Golden Teacher spores are great for using with microscopes. Fun Fact time! If you lived in Brazil or Jamaica they’d be great for growing Golden Teacher mushrooms (you can even buy Golden Teacher mushrooms legally in Jamaica), so I dunno, maybe move there if you wanna have fun with them.

Golden Teacher. Much like the phrase “Fuck The Tories”, it’s a classic, for a reason. Another truly thought-provoking and introspective piece of outsider art. “Fuck The Tories” – but with what? A cricket bat? A pineapple up the jacksie? A Golden Teacher spore syringe? The bones of all the poor that have been left to die so millionaires could pay a little bit less tax? The artist bravely leaves it up to your own imagination…

Ideally, keep these Golden Teacher spores refrigerated, where they will happily last a couple of years. Magic mushroom spores are tough like that – don’t let them freeze though! Failing that, you can keep them in a nice dark cupboard where they’ll be just fine for at least six months. They’re pretty simple to store. You can even use them multiple times, just replace the needle cap back on (don’t remove the needle as that’s one more chance for contaminants to get in there), and the next time you go to use them, heat the needle up with a lighter until it glows red. Simple! You could even put them back into the supplied bag if that’s your jam.

All spore syringes have been produced in the UK using a flowhood in order to make sure that what you see under the microscope is exactly what’s supposed to be there and nothing else – just premium spores!


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Reece B
Great service

Unfortunately I ordered these spores to the wrong address I have recently made another order to the correct address and it's arrived quicker than expected thanks a lot 👍

Lee Bradshaw
All good

Super fast delivery and everything you could want. Thanks

Very Satified

Absolutely brilliant service and product. My favourite thing was the cute little mushrooms, with a convienent magnet aswell, now thats 10/10.

Karl Sarbok
My GT had Contam

My GT had contam, whereas Z strain were fine…

Best spores ever

Big shout out to you guys doing fabulous work in this big mushroom world . very happy with my GT spores , look great under the microscope. Best i have had for long time

Will most definately be ordering again, thanks a lot guys and keep up the good work.

If you have the time check out the website blog section, very very funny.

Will be ordering again very soon,
Keep up the good work!


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