10cc of Hillbilly spores, complete with needle and alcohol wipe to get your microscope nice and clean!

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Hillbilly Spores!

Comes with 10cc of Hillbilly spores, an 18g needle to get your spores onto the slides, and an alcohol wipe so you can ensure that your microscope is super clean.

These apparently are Cubensis that come from the state of Arkansas, in America. Yeehaw! Apparently they became popular around the turn of the millennium, much like WKD and Chlamydia, but unlike WKD and Chlamydia these are cool and good and worth collecting. The best thing you can do with a blue WKD is mix it with 50ml of Port because then you’ve got a Cheeky Vimto, which was Charlotte Church’s drink of choice (best thing you can do with Chlamydia is probably go to the doctor). Goddamn, the millennium was a fucking weird time.

Under the microscope you will see these dudes making fucked-up moonshine and just getting on with their lives. Vaguely ovoid, about 1/2,500th of an inch long, cool little spore dudes. I don’t judge, we all need to find the path that makes us happy, and what’s good for one isn’t necessarily good for the other. I’ve actually got some distant relatives that are basically the Cornish version of hillbillies, lots of chickens everywhere and suchlike. Homemade pickled onions in every cupboard, not sure about the internet yet and still like to send actual letters. Probably still have a chequebook.

Ideally, keep these Hillbilly spores refrigerated, where they will happily last a couple of years. Magic mushroom spores are tough like that – don’t let them freeze though! Failing that, you can keep them in a nice dark cupboard where they’ll be just fine for at least six months. They’re pretty simple to store. You can even use them multiple times, just replace the needle cap back on (don’t remove the needle as that’s one more chance for contaminants to get in there), and the next time you go to use them, heat the needle up with a lighter until it glows red. Simple! You could even put them back into the supplied bag if that’s your jam.

These Hillbilly spore syringes have been produced in the UK using a flowhood in order to make sure that what you see under the microscope is exactly what’s supposed to be there and nothing else – just premium Hillbilly spores!

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Steve Rippin
Hillbilly Spores Review

These are some of the best spores I’ve ever seen! Amazing product, thank you 🙏🏻

Reliable team

Always great, smooth transaction, speedy delivery, great product , can’t fault them 😁

Ergi Jahollari
Fastest delivery ever

Apart from the spores that I can't wait to put it under the microscope (my first time), the little things that were in the bag made me so happy. Thank you for the amazing service. Looking forward to purchase more

Alan Strudwick

Amazing customer service quick postage and packed well will definitely be back keep up the good work

Bev Y
Products review

Beautiful quality product looking forward to adding more to my collection love the fast delivery and friendly service