“Oh man I’ve got cold arms and I wish my clothes had hoods on” – hey dude, you’ve clicked on the correct page to fix all of those problems with the one secret trick that they don’t want you to know: You can just buy a really warm, ethical, rad-looking hoodie. Comes with a stunning FREE GIFT: a pocket on the front, accessible by both hands – this free gift has been independently valued at over £9000*! When you put it like that you can’t afford not to buy it!

*Pocket on front value determined by the person that prices up all the government projects for their mates


Those of you who know what is up probably already own one of our t-shirts, and, as promised, they have made you incredibly successful in any endeavour you chose to pursue. That’s because they’re so insanely cool that they bend the fabric of reality to your every whim. I don’t want to over-promise here, but that’s what they do.

One problem with t-shirts though – your arms get cold in the winter on account of them not having sleeves (unless you focus your chi, or something). Here’s your answer – an Orangutan Trading Co hoodie! Just like the t-shirts, no expense at all has been spared when it came to choosing all the highest quality options. I didn’t even know that cotton could be organic, vegan, and combed, but apparently it can be and these are! They’re also super soft, and on top of that they look predictably awesome because it’s the rad logo that Punk Ross designed. Basically what I’m saying is: it’s like the t-shirts, only armier and hoodier. And also pocketier. They’re ethically made too, because that sort of thing is important.

Front: Lovely logo, spore syringe, you know the drill.

Back: Nicely positioned big Orangutan skull in Punk Ross’ inimitable style, more spore syringes, all the good shit.

If you wanna look rad this winter (or fuck it, wear them in the summer, I’m not in charge of you), then this is the most efficient way of you achieving that goal. Also let’s be honest, it’s super niche so if you’re the same kind of hipster as I am, you’ll enjoy the fact that you’re unlikely to meet someone else with the same hoodie and if you do you’ll know they’re worth having a chat with. It’s like when I see people wearing Sage Francis merch!

Technical Details:

100% Combed Organic Cotton! Fair Wear! Actually vegan for some reason! No irritating label because I paid extra to have them removed and a better one printed in! Produced to be Climate Neutral! Got a hood on! Drawstring and suchlike! Pocket at the front to keep your egg in! I’m just sayin’, you wait all your life for clothes as cool as this to come out and now you’ve got the chance of owning both t-shirt and a hoodie, I mean what the fuck bro, could life get any better than this? I’m not sure but if you buy this hoodie you’ll be able to find out!

  • Small – 34/36 Chest
  • Medium – 38/40 Chest
  • Large – 42/44 Chest
  • XL – 46/48 Chest
  • XXL – 50/52 Chest
  • XXXL – 54/56 Chest

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large

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changed my life

After buying this hoodie i am blown away by the quality, this thing is pure cotton and weighs heavier than most newborn children. Orangutan must have taken months to develop such a well thought out piece of clothing. After this hoodie came out, fast fashion companies are shaking and swearing at their exploited sweatshop workers as the multi billion dollar CEOs cannot fathom how a orangutang in england came out with a hoodie so amazing.

It was truly an emotional moment recieving this hoodie, and one to be cherished.

Would love to see a hemp version of this hoodie/t-shirt!