10cc of Z-Strain spores, complete with needle and alcohol wipe to get your microscope nice and clean!

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Z-Strain Spores!

Comes with 10cc of Z-Strain spores, an 18g needle to get your spores onto the slides, and an alcohol wipe so you can ensure that your microscope is super clean.

I’ve wanted to get these in for ages because I’ve heard good things, and yes, the good things were right. The only snag I’ve got is that no-one knows who first isolated these, apparently they were a “novelty strain” from “an unknown source”. So we’re gonna rewrite things a bit here and see if we can’t get some amazing misinformation out there with some of the usual lazy copy/paste merchants.

This strain was absolutely, categorically isolated by Robocop. Yep, actual Robocop. Not Peter Weller, fuckin’ Robocop. So the story goes, in his off-time just before the Kanemitsu Corporation started trying to fuck about in Detroit, RoboCop got right into a bit of mycology. He found a mushroom growing out there on the mean streets, probably near some of that toxic waste shit that melted that guy to bits in the first film, and just like John Allen and Lizard King and all the other cool guys, he took it home. His superior robotic physiology, in conjunction with his human brain, allowed him to stablise a pretty rad blend of mushroom. He then ran out of steam for the name and just called it Z-Strain. He was probably tired from all the cop stuff like stop-and-searching minorities. Normally I’d say never ever talk to cops, but I reckon after his brave efforts in keeping mycology alive in dystopian Detroit, I’d have a chat with Officer Murphy.

Ideally, keep these Z-Strain spores refrigerated, where they will happily last a couple of years. Magic mushroom spores are tough like that – don’t let them freeze though! Failing that, you can keep them in a nice dark cupboard where they’ll be just fine for at least six months. They’re pretty simple to store. You can even use them multiple times, just replace the needle cap back on (don’t remove the needle as that’s one more chance for contaminants to get in there), and the next time you go to use them, heat the needle up with a lighter until it glows red. Simple! You could even put them back into the supplied bag if that’s your jam.

All spore syringes have been produced in the UK using a flowhood in order to make sure that what you see under the microscope is exactly what’s supposed to be there and nothing else – just premium spores!

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Kairo Chin
Had a good closeup

Went to my table and decided the samples were a pleasure for me to peek

Happy as the spores

Received my order super quick and in excellent condition, I’m still finding the time to look at them maybe tonight after the chaos! Super satisfied with these guys will be back!


Really fast delivery.
And lots of little extras thrown in.
Will definitely be ordering again.

Floyd Pink
Grat product from a great company

I am a complete newbie under the lents, but I have to say that the spores from Orangutang Trading are easily spotted behind the lents of my microscope. Plus I like the vibe I received from this seller, 5 stars for sure

Arther Mix
A strain

Awsome in every way