10cc of Jedi Mind Fuck spores, complete with needle and alcohol wipe to get your microscope nice and clean!

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Jedi Mind Fuck Spores!

Comes with 10cc of Jedi Mind Fuck spores, an 18g needle to get your spores onto the slides, and an alcohol wipe so you can ensure that your microscope is super clean.

Damn son, the names of these things get weirder and weirder. Named Jedi Mind Fuck presumably after that bit in the first Star Wars where Luke was trying to bang his sister without realising it was his twin. Christ, no wonder his Dad ended up mad at him. I’m beginning to suspect George Lucas is a bit weird if I’m honest. The actual origins of this one are a bit fuzzy; there’s a chap called (variably) Agar Joe or Myco Joe (depends who you ask), and he apparently found them growing wild in Georgia and then isolated it and yeah he sounds a lot like John Allen or whatever, I suspect all of these origin stories are all gonna be “man found a mushroom he liked the look of and took it home to mess about with”. Moral of the story – if you find stuff outside take it home and you can give it whatever name you like.

They sure sound cool though, and to be honest it is a better name than Penis Envy so I’m happy enough. Will these give you super powers or an ability to use the force? No, because that sort of stuff isn’t realHowever, these spores will keep you thoroughly entertained when you’re mucking about with your microscope, and you literally cannot say fairer than that.

Ideally, keep these Jedi Mind Fuck spores refrigerated, where they will happily last a couple of years. Magic mushroom spores are tough like that – don’t let them freeze though! Failing that, you can keep them in a nice dark cupboard where they’ll be just fine for at least six months. They’re pretty simple to store. You can even use them multiple times, just replace the needle cap back on (don’t remove the needle as that’s one more chance for contaminants to get in there), and the next time you go to use them, heat the needle up with a lightsaber until it glows red. Simple! You could even put them back into the supplied bag if that’s your jam.

All microscopy samples have been produced using a flowhood in order to make sure that what you see under the microscope is exactly what’s supposed to be there and nothing else – just premium spores!

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Amazing customer service

Felt valued as a customer with the amount of care you guys put into the package. With a hand written note!! Spores are all prepared for microscopy, so looking forward to seeing the result!! 😊☺️


8/8 great mate.

Dan Leate

Smashing pumkins

Happy Padawan

Fast delivery, nice touch with the stickers and sweets, not got it under the microscope yet but can see spores galore so hoping for next level results ;)

Jordan King

Supreme quality spores!