10cc of McKennaii spores, complete with needle and alcohol wipe to get your microscope nice and clean!

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McKennaii Spores!

Comes with 10cc of McKennaii spores, an 18g needle to get your spores onto the slides, and an alcohol wipe so you can ensure that your microscope is super clean.

These were named after a dude called Terence McKenna who was quite a cool guy from everything I’ve read about him. So it’s a bit of marketing guff, really, but in a nice way. Terence was an ethnobotanist and advocated for the intelligent use of psychedelics in order to become better people. Given that there’s currently a lot of interest in using psychedelics to treat various mental conditions, it seems pretty clear that he had the right idea. Terence was the bloody bugger who named those Penis Envy mushrooms, so thanks Terence, my missus thinks I’m a bit of a weirdo because I’m printing out hundreds of stickers that talk about envying cocks.

Out and about, you’d find these would colonise quickly and grow pretty large and chunky. Nature’s such a tease. You should move to Brazil, then you could grow these and you’d be able to check them out! Second best thing though is to have a look at them under the microscope like a good legal citizen.

Ideally, keep these McKennaii spores refrigerated, where they will happily last a couple of years. Magic mushroom spores are tough like that – don’t let them freeze though! Failing that, you can keep them in a nice dark cupboard where they’ll be just fine for at least six months. They’re pretty simple to store. You can even use them multiple times, just replace the needle cap back on (don’t remove the needle as that’s one more chance for contaminants to get in there), and the next time you go to use them, heat the needle up with a lighter until it glows red. Simple! You could even put them back into the supplied bag if that’s your jam.

All spore syringes have been produced in the UK using a flowhood in order to make sure that what you see under the microscope is exactly what’s supposed to be there and nothing else – just premium spores!

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george poole
just class

Guy running the company seems like a legend spores look beautiful under the microscope could sit there and just stare at them all day, and he gave me some moams so just overall legend really would highly recommend.

Toby Ellwood


Friendly neighbourhood spiderman
All round amazing!

These little guys look incredible under the microscope, thankyou orangutan dudes.

Ryan Cassidy
Excellent viewing

Quality was amazing, great viewing under the microscope

Adam Crump
Mckennai spores

Excellent product and service.